Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir is an Icelandic artist who lives and works in Reykjavík. Her first artistic training was in visual arts, mainly painting. Soon after her graduation from art school Ólöf went on to study dance and choreography at EDDC in Arnhem, The Netherlands; a dance centre that placed great emphasis on creative skills and somatic practices in the training of their students.


For the next twenty years, Ólöf worked within dance and theatre as a choreographer, performer and teacher. She made over 20 full scale dance productions under her own name and in collaboration with other artists. One of her choreographies for Iceland Dance Company remained on the company repertoire for many years and toured widely. Some of her other works have been performed at festivals in the Nordic countries and Europe. Ólöf has also worked with theatre groups as a choreographer and performer. Her most consistent theatre involvement has been with director Steinunn  Knútsdóttir and The Professional Amateurs. Ólöf was a teacher at Iceland University of the Arts for eight years, teaching movement for actors and other courses.

​Ólöf has been active in shaping the environment of the performing arts through her work with artists' organizations and artists' initiatives. Ólöf is a founding member of Reykjavik Dance Festival (2002) and Dansverkstæðið - work space for choreographers (2010) and was greatly involved in the establishment of a dance department within Iceland University of the Arts, as an instigator and program developer. She has had a seat on grant committees, advisory boards and festival juries.

Ólöf has published one book, made radio programs and websites. Finally, after years of singing lessons, Ólöf finished advance level in singing and music theory, thus achieving her third artistic training.