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Mildin mjúka
Breiðholtskirkja, Reykjavík
25 May, 2022

Eija mater from Stabat mater by Vivaldi. Filmed by Sigríður Anna Ásgeirsdóttir.

Mildin mjúka (Soft Tenderness)


Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir - mezzo soprano

Örn Magnússon - organ

The Júlí Quartet:

Júlíana Elín Kjartansdóttir - violin

Rósa Hrund Guðmundsdóttir - violin

Sesselja Halldórsdóttir - viola

​Ólöf Sesselja Óskarsdóttir - cello



  • Or ch'è tempo di dormire - Tarquinio Merula 

  • Sinfonia "Al Santo Sepolcro" - Antonio Vivaldi 

  • The Fatal Hour - Henry Purcell 

  • Sonata "Al Santo Sepolcro" - Antonio Vivaldi

  • Stabat mater - Antonio Vivaldi 

The music of this program is very much connected to the Easter season as it is a contemplation on the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ. We position ourselves next to his mother, Mary. In Merula's song, Mary is putting her baby boy to sleep, but at the same time has visions of his future suffering. Purcell's aria speaks of a sorrowful parting and harsh destiny. In Vivaldi's Stabat mater we stand next to Mary at the cross of her crucified son and share her grief. In between these vocal works, we hear string quartets from Vivaldi dedicated to the Holy grave.

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